Video Production Services

Ever Open House is a full service video production agency servicing real-estate, builders & developers, local businesses, restaurants, universities, live events, non-profits, musicians, and more. We specialize in real estate highlight & walk-through videos, customer testimonial videos, educational videos, and promotional / advertising videos. Our crew captures your story in ultra-high definition 4K video along with professional sound and lighting. 

Real-Estate Highlight & Walkthrough Videos

We produce marketing videos to tell the story of your property using all kinds of tools in our toolbox. Our videographer captures your property with High Definition video (Ultra-High 4K available upon request), set to music in a fluid walk-through of the home..

Customer / Client Testimonial Videos

Video Testimonials are an affordable and powerful tool to effectively market your brand or product. Capturing your customer or client’s experience reinforces credibility and trust, humanizes the brand creating a stronger emotional connection, and improves your overall exposure!

Educational Videos

You’ve worked hard to become an expert in what thrills you most. Deliver your content and information with videos that show your professionalism and add to your credibility. Educational videos are a great way to connect with your audience, build your recognition as an expert in the field and offer value to those seeking information you deliver.

Promotional / Advertising Videos

Today’s marketplace lives online, and now more than ever having a strong digital presence is an essential part of doing business. We create promotional video commercials for all of your digital advertising needs including social media, website and cable-ready advertisements. Get a high quality ad with all the bells and whistles of a studio production for a fraction of the cost.

We are committed to providing our clients with high quality results and a high degree of value which is why we stand behind these powerful tools to make your brand and your property stand out above the competition. Our commitment to excellence in customer service means we go above and beyond to produce quality products for our clients.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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