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Invite customers to an immersive experience of your brand online

Ever Open House invites viewers into your space using Matterport, the industry leader in virtual tour technology. Matterport virtual tours allow your clients to view an interactive 3D model of any physical space, anytime, anywhere from any device. Why give customers a flat experience of your place when you can invite them over to visit?

The online marketplace is changing

While virtual tours can be used to invite customers into restaurants, vacation rentals, retail stores and more, they have become an increasingly essential part of selling residential real estate today as a result of the pandemic. Matterport conducted a survey about buyer and seller preferences after the onset of the pandemic. Overall, the results showed that static photos alone weren’t enough and both buyers and sellers preferred an immersive experience with 3D tours.

Not surprisingly, buyer and seller preferences have changed as a result of the pandemic: 

  • 78% of home buyers say they are choosing to view more properties virtually with 3D tours because of safety concerns.


  •  69% of home sellers who did not think that 3D tours were a necessity before the COVID-19 pandemic, now feel that they are.


  • 76% of people living in non-urban communities now say that 3D tours are a necessity, whereas only 45% felt that way pre-pandemic.

Virtual tours offer numerous advantages 

Immersive experiences like these are powerful tools to build connections with your prospective customers. When people have an immersive experience of a place with a 3D virtual tour, it gives them the feeling like they’ve been there in person. This “in person” experience leads people to foster an emotional connection to a place. Whether you’re offering their next vacation destination or their next home, this kind of connection is a powerful way to make your brand memorable. 

In the real estate marketplace there are numerous advantages for both buyers and sellers. Buyers prefer the kind of true to life experience that 3D tours offer. 

According to the Matterport survey:


  • 78% of buyers were concerned that photos were Photoshopped or could misrepresent the property. 
  • However, 71% said they would purchase a property sight-unseen with a virtual tour. 
  • 82% of buyers agreed that 3D tours provide a more accurate representation of a home than photos alone.
  • Buyers also identified as key advantages the ability to view the home’s floor plan (75%), visualize the entire home layout in Dollhouse view (61%), and measure rooms, walls, doors, windows, etc. (60%) as the most important features.
  • Sellers identified attracting more serious buyers (67%) and selling their home faster (67%) as the top two advantages.
  • Followed by decreasing the number of in-person visitors (41%), and closing at a higher price (39%).

Clearly, selling a home in the post-pandemic era requires a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes both high quality photography and immersive virtual tours to boost buyer and seller confidence. 

Why ask Ever Open House to produce your virtual tours? 

In the virtual tour business, not all are created equal. We’ve seen them done many ways, a quick glimpse or a thorough experience. We opt for giving our clients the highest quality and value, which means taking extra time to capture homes with many capture points. This results in a smoother user experience, and a greater degree of accuracy in the floor plans. 

Instead of producing a static tour that customers navigate on their own, we produce guided tours so that your customers just click a button and are guided automatically through your home, vacation rental, restaurant, or retail store. 

When you book a Matterport virtual tour appointment with us, you get an interactive virtual tour, still photos and a schematic floor plan with one appointment, all within 3 business days or less. 

And with over 500 Matterport tours under our belt, you can count on us to provide you with quality results.

We are committed to providing our clients with high quality results and a high degree of value which is why we stand behind these powerful tools to make your brand and your property stand out above the competition. Our commitment to excellence in customer service means we go above and beyond to produce quality products for our clients.

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